Monday, March 24, 2008

Spaceman (Mono Promo Single)

The Mono Promo Single of Spaceman can be found here.

Down to the valley (Mono Promo Single)

Here you'll find the Mono Promo Single of Down to the valley. Above are the German Picture sleeves, UK Promo and German promo single.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Duit on mon dei Promo Video

Here you find the Duit On Mon Dei promo. The file is in mpeg format and not from YouTube. Enjoy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Burning/Converting Quadraphonic files

As requested, this download contains instructions, Tranzcode and BeSpilt as well as the VLC player to play and convert DTSwav files. Instructions on how to burn the files to an Audio CD-R are also included.

Hope that helps.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nilsson - Pussycats (Quadraphonic - Full Album)

Pussycats has always been one of my favourites and this quadraphoinc release does not disappoint. The separation of the channels is just awesome.

Regrettably this was the last of the four quadraphonic releases made by RCA, sadly Son of Schmilsson in particular was never released.

I am going through my archives now to find some more worthy stuff to post here so if anyone has got something, please let me know.

Nilsson - Duit on mon dei (Quadraphonic - Full Album)

Duit on mon dei, the 3rd Quadraphonic release from RCA.

If anyone out there needs help to convert these to separate mono channel wave files, let me know i post the programs and instructions required.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nilsson - Pandemonium Shadow Show (Mono - Full Album)

Pandemonium Shadow Show was also released in mono and like Aerial Ballet was soon replaced with stereo pressing making this a very rare treat indeed.

Nilsson - Aerial Ballet (Mono Album)

Aerial Ballet has been widely available in stereo only. The first mono pressing of the album contained 'Daddy's song'.

The Monkees of course released the single 'Daddy's Song' at the same time and RCA, realizing that this would interfere with the promotion of their single, replaced the mono pressing with a new one, omitting 'Daddy's song'.

This original needle-drop of the first pressing includes 'Daddy's Song'.

A rare find and many thanks to one of Harry's anonymous friends who led us to it.

Nilsson - Sandman (Quadraphonic - Full Album)

Number two of the Quadraphonic Surround Sound albums that RCA released. Admittedly, Sandman is widely seen as Harry's weakest album but yet it contains some real gems that I personally like because they show Harry's humor, such as 'How to write a song', 'The Flying Saucer' and 'J**** C*****, you're tall'.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nilsson Schmilsson (Quadraphonic - Full Album)

He's done it! Harry's friend 'The One-Eared-Jack' has uploaded the full Nilsson Schmilsson in glorious surround sound. Many thanks Jack for all your effort - it's really appreciated.

The first two tracks are available here and the remainder of the songs are here.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Harry Nilsson

And now for something completely different...

Saw this on the net somewhere and thought why not share this with you. Bottoms up and here's to Harry!

The Harry Nilsson

2 ounces Brazilian cachaça or white rum.
Juice of one lime.
1-1/2 ounces coconut syrup.
Dash Angostura bitters.

Club soda to fill.

In a tall Collins glass, combine cachaça or
rum, lime juice and coconut syrup (for a stronger
and less sweet drink, use coconut rum instead).
Add soda to fill, dash bitters and stir. Garnish
with a lime wheel, and relieve de bellyache.
Doctor's orders.

YES, coconut syrup DOES exist.

If you can't find it in our stores, check the recipe in the comment (use white or brown sugar to create light or dark syrup)

Nilsson Schmilsson Quadrophonic (Sample)

Yes, with a lot of help from One-Eared-Jack we should be able to post the Quad mixes of Harry's albums very soon.

To start off though, here is a sample of Driving Along taken from the quadrophonic CD. A few words about the Quad mixes. Apologies to those who know what they are, but for those who don't a, hopefully, simple explanation.

The Quad mixes consist of 4 mono channels that create a surround sound (stereo consists of 2 channels) The Quad comes in a format called DTS (Digital Theater System) and will only play in a DVD player that is capable of playing DTS and you will also need a home theater system to enjoy the full surround sound. Saying that, if the DVD player is hooked up to a normal stereo TV you will be able to play and hear the left and right channel (and these usually contain the the majority of the music and vocals).

To play them on PC you need to have DTS capable software (like the free VLAN player) and a surround sound card. Again, if you don't have the surround sound card you will still be able to hear the left and right channel (but you will still need the software - iTunes, Media Player etc will NOT play them and all you get is noise!)

For those you have none of these, the zip file of Driving Along has 3 channels in a wave file that will play with any player.

To burn DTS files, use your CD burning software (such as Nero) and make sure you are creating an AUDIO CD - if you burn them as DATA, they will NOT play.

Well, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them (and yes, the image is that of the 8 track cartridge, not the CD)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nelson Sings Nilsson

In 2001, as his band, Harvey Danger, broke up, Sean Nelson became deeply enamored of "Nilsson Sings Newman," and considered that "Nelson Sings Nilsson" would be a funny title for a record.

In 2002, Nelson went deep into Nilssoniana, immersing himself in the two-disc import reissues of the early records "Pandemonium Shadow Show" and "Aerial Ballet" (not to mention "Aerial Pandemonium Ballet") in particular, and "Harry," "Nilsson Schmilsson," and "Pussy Cats," as well. He now thought that "Nelson Sings Nilsson" was not only a funny idea for a record title, but a brilliant idea that would constitute his first solo album.

As far as I know the album has not yet been released as Sean has not found a record label but here are 3 of his songs in a demo version

1. Gotta get up
2. Daddy's Song
3. Miss Butter's Lament

These are m4a files and you'll need iTunes to play the songs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You're breaking my heart (Demo und Mono)

You're breaking my heart (Demo) here ripped from the 'Did somebody drop..' film. Above, German promo label, US mono single and German cover.

Without You (Live in Las Vegas)

This live recording of Without You was apparently recorded in Las Vegas. According to the recent article in the MoJo mag, this recording was done during a surprise performance by Harry during a Ringo and His All-Star Band performance, which would put this performance to either the 4th,5th or 6th September 1992.

A rare live performance although Harry's voice has already suffered.

(Cover from an Australia Release from 1973)

Mucho Mung/Mt.Elga (Sessions)

If you have just downloaded the interviews from for the love of then you will have noticed the Mucho Mungo demo recorded by John Lennon. Here I've included two recordings by Harry and John. Both recordings are from the same take. As both recordings are mono but one features the vocals far more clearly whilst the second has much louder instruments it may well be that they are the left and right channel of the stereo tape.

The first recording of Mucho Mucho finishes after the song whilst the second recording continues for another minute with a run-through of Harry singing Mucho Mungo/Mt Elga. Whilst the quality is not brilliant, it is passable and so far the only session recording with Harry and John.

I said goodbye to me (Demo)

A full run through demo of I said goodbye to me

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hamburg im Regen (Daybreak) (Cover Version)

In 1974 the German singer Mary Roos covered Harry's Daybreak. It is a tradition in Germany to take current hits from both Britain and USA (usually with the help of German lyrics - more often than not totally unrelated to the original lyrics) to propel themselves into the charts. Whilst Elvis, The Beatles and Cliff Richard released German versions of their own songs, the lyrics here were penned by Michael Kunze. Hamburg im Regen (CBS 2616) is about Hamburg (one of Germany's largest cities- and my home town) in the rain - a love song as far removed from Harry's Count Dracula as possible, musically however it is remarkably close to the original. Mary Roos re-recorded the song in 2000 for a compilation album.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

One (Demo)

This demo version of One has a completely different arrangement to the released song, with prominent bongos and strings.

The Family

The Family is a demo recorded by Harry.
Our friend Steve explains it's origin:
This recording comes from a
HarryFest a few years back when
Curtis Armstrong played a selection
of studio recordings he had gained
access to. Unknown to Curtis, and
certainly against his wishes,someone
in the room had a video camcorder
and was recording the entire playback,
which not long after was released
privately,and eventually publicly.
The audience you hear on this track
are people at the HarryFest squeaking
in their chairs, chatting, drinking
tea, etc.