Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nelson Sings Nilsson

In 2001, as his band, Harvey Danger, broke up, Sean Nelson became deeply enamored of "Nilsson Sings Newman," and considered that "Nelson Sings Nilsson" would be a funny title for a record.

In 2002, Nelson went deep into Nilssoniana, immersing himself in the two-disc import reissues of the early records "Pandemonium Shadow Show" and "Aerial Ballet" (not to mention "Aerial Pandemonium Ballet") in particular, and "Harry," "Nilsson Schmilsson," and "Pussy Cats," as well. He now thought that "Nelson Sings Nilsson" was not only a funny idea for a record title, but a brilliant idea that would constitute his first solo album.

As far as I know the album has not yet been released as Sean has not found a record label but here are 3 of his songs in a demo version

1. Gotta get up
2. Daddy's Song
3. Miss Butter's Lament

These are m4a files and you'll need iTunes to play the songs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brilliant blog! Love Harry and love all that you've done. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

MoJo61 said...

Thanks for positive feedback. Work is currently in progress to get Quadrophonic albums that Harry did. So watch this blog and, with some luck, they'll be here soon