Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nilsson - Aerial Ballet (Mono Album)

Aerial Ballet has been widely available in stereo only. The first mono pressing of the album contained 'Daddy's song'.

The Monkees of course released the single 'Daddy's Song' at the same time and RCA, realizing that this would interfere with the promotion of their single, replaced the mono pressing with a new one, omitting 'Daddy's song'.

This original needle-drop of the first pressing includes 'Daddy's Song'.

A rare find and many thanks to one of Harry's anonymous friends who led us to it.

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Anonymous said...

Your post of the mono Pandemoniumn was a true revelation and made me love that LP in a way I never had before.
The link for Aerial sadly is now dead, and I am hoping that with this request you'll consider reuploading the original mono LP.
Thanks either way!