Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nilsson Schmilsson Quadrophonic (Sample)

Yes, with a lot of help from One-Eared-Jack we should be able to post the Quad mixes of Harry's albums very soon.

To start off though, here is a sample of Driving Along taken from the quadrophonic CD. A few words about the Quad mixes. Apologies to those who know what they are, but for those who don't a, hopefully, simple explanation.

The Quad mixes consist of 4 mono channels that create a surround sound (stereo consists of 2 channels) The Quad comes in a format called DTS (Digital Theater System) and will only play in a DVD player that is capable of playing DTS and you will also need a home theater system to enjoy the full surround sound. Saying that, if the DVD player is hooked up to a normal stereo TV you will be able to play and hear the left and right channel (and these usually contain the the majority of the music and vocals).

To play them on PC you need to have DTS capable software (like the free VLAN player) and a surround sound card. Again, if you don't have the surround sound card you will still be able to hear the left and right channel (but you will still need the software - iTunes, Media Player etc will NOT play them and all you get is noise!)

For those you have none of these, the zip file of Driving Along has 3 channels in a wave file that will play with any player.

To burn DTS files, use your CD burning software (such as Nero) and make sure you are creating an AUDIO CD - if you burn them as DATA, they will NOT play.

Well, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them (and yes, the image is that of the 8 track cartridge, not the CD)

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Anonymous said...

the files you posted are gone from the host . could you PLEASE repost , i want to convert dts to wav , my surround amp doesnt have dts . i have a 4 channel sound card with amps and speakers . please help !
i will post a cover of "think about your troubles" with my 5 year old daughter on lead vox .